7/19/2009 - RECSPEC & (iN)Sect Records present.............."Butcher Bear & Charlie" and Explosion Horse and Strong Silent Type and Fingaar Bangaar and California PArty Girls with Reaganometry playing records on the Patio at The Mohawke - Austin, TX. This is a record realease show for Explosion Horse and California Party Girls. Both out on (iN)Sect Records.

5/13/2009 - "Butcher Bear & Charlie" With Her Space Holiday and City Light at The Mohawke - Austin, TX.

3/21/2009 - "Strong Silent Type" With NON + and California Party Girls and Tweak Bird and HAR MAR SuperStar at The Owl Tree Roasting Co. - Austin, TX. Click here for map. It's at 3421 N. I-35. (34th st. and interstate 35) hOSTED BY tHE bEAR.

3/20/2009 - "Butcher Bear and Charlie’s Under The Rainbow Salute The Mooon Band" With - Hooded Torture Victim and The Dickins and the Red Skeleton and Saltworth Sundries and Beat Up & the R.G.B.’s at My Yard By Your Yard - Austin, TX. 96 Lynne St. Go Down E. on Cesar Chavez just past Mr. Natural and take a right on Lynne.

3/20/2009 - "Butcher Bear & Charlie’s Roller Coaster Band" With UME and a ton of great bands at Typewriter Museum - Austin, TX. This is the house next door to the wonderful Rio Rita at 1308 E. 6th st.

319/2009 - "Butcher Bear & Charlie’s Silent Inimacy Band" With Dag For Dag (Sweden) Lords of Larry (This is really Blitzen Trapper) and Trainwreck Riders (S.F.) and Infinite Plains (S.F.) and (Aww Shit) The Armor Class (Chicago-AFO) at The Creekside Lounge - Austin, TX. All this is 'Mose by Moses West Fest SXPARTY'

3/16/2009 - "Butcher Bear and Charlie's Bogus Journey" With Ichi Ni San Shi and Crushes and Kids Club at Creekside - Austin, TX.

3/14/2009 - With Sub Oslo at The Creekside Lounge - Austin, TX> These guys are heroes of ours. If you haven't seen them in-person you have no idea of what you're missing. And this place holds about 100 people, so get there early. You can go their other site here too.

2/28/2009 - "Butcher Bear & Charlie's 'Kids In Service To Sachem' Band" With Fingarr Bangarr(New AFO)and CornDawg and Strong Silent Type (New AFO)and Chili Cold Blodd and Woodgrain and The Jonx at U.S. Art Authority - Austin, TX. This is Sach By Sach West Fest 1st Annual

2/7/2009 - "Butcher Bear & Charlie's 'Searching For Freedom' Band" With Fresh Millions and Focus Group at The Scoot Inn - Austin, TX.

1/9/2009 - "The ATTAK (iN)FORMATION" With This Horn Of Afrika and Bee Vs. Moth and Serious Tracers and Che Arthur at Emo's - Austin, TX. It's free AND on the inside. !This is the 8th Show for ATTAK (iN)FORMATION in 9 years. All New Songs and Covers by the people that bring you the Attack Formation. Plus a couple. 1/4/2009 - Butcher Bear & Charlie's Rainbow Bus Band With Explosion Horse and Serious Tracers at The Mohawk - Austin, TX. This shit is Free. 11/1/2008 - "This Moment In Black History" With Camp X-Ray and Explosion Horse(Clarke from Those Peabodys) and Strong Silent Type(75% of Attack Formation with our bass player singing - this is our first show) at Sound On Sound - Austin, TX. Show starts at 6 sharp. O.K. so this is Serious Business. Our AFO General Butcher Bear esq. has started a record label called (iN)Sect Records. Add 'em up on the Myspace, and send e-mail to him and them at . The first release from the label is from This Moment In Black History - Raw Black Power 7" music by TMIBH art by Tim Kerr

8/22/2008 - With Eagle Claw and Prince Klassen at The Beauty Bar - Austin, TX. this is gonna be the last AFO proper show for a little bit. We are going to start backing Strong Silent Type and Butcher Bear, respectively, until (iN) comes round. or if we book another show. 8/16/2008 - With Sybil and Corrine Rose at The Hole In The Wall - Austin, TX. 7/26/2008 - With Oh, Beast! and Tia Carrera at Beerland - Austin, TX. This is a Good Good-Bye to Tom Alter who's been responsible for making Austin bands video Dreams Come True. Thank you Tom! 7/23/2008 - With Harvey Milk and Red X Red M and Megazilla at Red 7 - Austin, TX. The milk rides again!. 7/5/2008 - With This Moment In Black History and The Jungle Rockers and Camp X-Ray and Watching The Moon at Red 7 - Austin, TX. Really This Moment In Black History. These guy are amazing, like you can't even believe. 6/20/2008 - With Red Leaves and Palit and Branch Davidian and Aliens at Beerland - Austin, TX. KPWR Benefit AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! 6/14/2008 - With Shriner Threat and H.T.V. at The Tiniest Bar In Texas - Austin, TX. 6/13/2008 - With The Roller and D.F.I. and maybe Funeralizer at The Compound - Austin, TX. This is the Roller Record/Book Release Party! On Vinyl B****'s 5/16/2008 - With The Liars at Red 7 - Austin, TX. 5/9/2008 - With Transmography and Snake Trap and Cry Blood Apache at The Hole In The Wall - Austin, TX. 5/3/2008 - With 3 Noon Jaunty 1 PM and Peel 2 PM and The Blacklisted 3 PM and The Banes 4 PM and Enrique Y La Guerilla 5 PM and Attack Formation 6 PM and Winchester Twins 7 PM and Bob Taylor’s Latest Review 8 PM and The Bill Jefferies 8:30PM and The Easies 9 PM and Awesome Cool Dudes 9:30PM and Daniel Francis Doyle at The KOOP Stage at The Pecan Street Festival - Austin, TX. 4/25/2008 - With Black Earth and The Diaganols at Emo's - Austin, TX. 3/29/2008 - With The Hex Dispensers and Party Garbage and Those Peabodys at Beerland - Austin, TX Mike Rodriguez' Birthday Bash, Once again with/without tons of Male Nudity. 3/15/2008 - With The Tenth Annual Fuck By Fuck You!

War Hammer 48K (8:25pm), Lozen (8pm), When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (7:35pm), Tia Carrera (7:10pm), Gorch Fock (6:45pm), This is My Condition (6:20pm), Boxcar Satan (5:55pm), ShellShag (5:40pm), Swastikittens (5:15pm), ShellShag (4:55pm), Monotonix (4:30pm), Jazzus Lizard (4:05pm), RTX (3:40pm), Jazzus Lizard (3:25pm), Shit and Shine (2:55pm), Megatrap (2:35pm), Apes (2:10pm), Attack Formation (1:45pm), Detroit 7 (1:20pm), Cheddar Supremacist (1:10pm), Lick Lick (12:45pm), Cheddar Supremacist (12:30pm) - I Think the times are about thirty minutes Early.

............................................... at the The Typewriter Museum - Austin, TX. - 1306 E. 6th st. (next to Rio Rita)

3/14/2008 - At MY Yard By Your Yard 2008 @1;00pm-hooded torture victim 1:50-red white and pink
2:40-artifact shore 3:30-bricks atx 4:20-hit by a car
5:10-attack formation
6:00-the f and the c 6:50-chasm
of eris 7:30-gonzalez, tx - - - - food will be served from
1-4pm//// directions from downtown I-35; take cesar
chavez east 1 mile, past chicon st., take right on
lynn st., 1st house on right 12-9pm, - Austin, TX.
3/13/2008 - With The Minetta and BASIC at RERT Bungalow Office - Austin, TX. 507 W 37th st. behind the Groovy Lube at 37th and Guadalupe
2/15/2008 - With The Red Leaves at The Beauty Bar - Austin, TX. 2/1/2008 - With A.M. Syndicate and The Black and Big Soy (S. A.) at The Mohawk - Austin, TX. 1/19/2008 - With The Fatal Flying Guillotines and Les Savy Fav at Emo's - Austin, TX. 1/9/2008 - "A-FORMATIK ON TACT" with a whole bunch of Australian Cattle God Bands at Emo's - Austin, TX. 1/3/2008 - "ATTAK (iN)FORMATION" With Camp X-Ray and This Horn Of Africa and Poor People and The Bill Jeffreys at Emo's - Austin, TX. This is our band for this show. We will be playing all brand new songs for ONE Night Only with ALL of These People: Clarke Wilson - Reagan Van Matre - Nick Moulos - Dave Bryant - Phoebe Ceresia - Chris Hodge - Eyad Kaileh - Ben Webster - Mike Vasquez - Stephen Ceresia - Cilton Beard III - Adam Hatley. (details are coming.) This is the 7th Annual ATTAK (iN)FORMATION show. 7 Years, Nine shows. One of these Days Alice!!!!!!!!! 12/20/2007 - With Black Panda at Lambert's Bar B Q - Austin, TX. Our First Annual X-Mas Party!. Come Join The AFO Cult over Ribs and Fellowship. 11/8/2007 - With a set by the Full Line-Up of The AFO Gang and DJ Sets by Horse Rappaport, Butcher Bear, Reaganometry, S&P, E-GOD, Strong Silent Type, Sweatbox, and Horse Explosion at The Whisky Bar - Austin, TX. 11/4/2007 - With alot of pepole at Fun Fun Fun Fest - Austin, TX. 10/12/2007 - Butcher Bear Dj'in With The Kid at Creekside Lounge - Austin, TX. We're playing all Stonesthrow Records Selections All Night. 10/6/2007 - With UME and MothFight and Numbers(S.F.) at The Mohawk - Austin, TX. All the INFO you need is HERE!. 9/27/2007 - With Faceless Werewolves and Tia Carrera and The Black and Golden Arm Trio and The Transgressors and Poor People and The Hunnies and Horse+Donkey and Big Foot Chester at Beerland - Austin, TX. All This is a HOOT NITE for The CrackPipes. That's right, We're all covering one of Austin's Mainstays of Dirty Blues for one night only. 7/28/2007 - With Those Peabodys and DJ Mel at The Beauty Bar - Austin, TX. This is for girls and boys that like to dance. can you say SWOLL? round two is gonna hurt. 7/14/2007 - With The Scissors and The Teenage Bottle Rockets at The Note - Chicago, IL. 7/13/2007 - With Headache City and White Savage and Magas at Subterranean - Chicago, IL. The Mighty Fucking White Savage. Jesus Christ. 7/12/2007 - With Falcon Crest and Kinetic_Disconnect at The Belfry Center - Minneapolis, MN. The address is 3753 Bloomington, MPLS, MN 55407. 7/11/2007 - With His Mischief at The Turf Club - St.Paul, MN. 7/4/2007 - With Tia Carrera and Gorch Fock and Big Foot Chester and Corrine Rose and Ralph White and Strange Attractors and The Ends and The Jazzus Lizard at The Scoot Inn - Austin, TX. This show is a Benefit for Billy Steve from The Crack Pipes. Come show Support and get down and funky. 6/30/2007 - With This Horn Of Afrika and Chaffas and Butcher Bear at The Mattress Factory - San Antonio, TX. Jessie from S.A.'s premiere local record store, 180 Degrees' Birthday Party. 6/29/2007 - With The Red Leaves and Red X Red M and Coma In Algiers at Emo's - Austin, TX.

6/10/2007 - With (in order) Sisterunaked and Snake Trap and Monkeytown and Emily Sparks and The Easies and Splithoof and Gorch Fock and Peglegasus and Cat Scientist and Youngmond Grand and US and Meat Purveyors and American People and Tia Carrera at The (Brand New)